Anamorph is a progressive outfit that has carved out their place among North Carolina’s most ambitious projects, in search of creating their own unique sound. The instrumental quartet deftly weaves styles together with notes of prog rock, prog metal, math rock, post rock, and other influences which seep into their compositions.

Evolving greatly since their home-brew releases, the band recorded their 57-minute sophomore LP (and first studio album) 'Lucid' with Jamie King at The Basement in Winston-Salem, NC. This was followed by shooting the music video for "Breakthrough!" with Erez Bader of Silent Flight Productions. With eyes on a September 6th, 2019 release, Anamorph will launch the record with an 11 day tour in their newly acquired van. Anamorph is set to take the material from 'Lucid' out onto the road.

Anamorph’s live show has grown into a full multimedia, multi-sensory experience, meant to provoke thought and fully immerse the audience on any given night. With the band locked in to each other and a fully synchronized visual display, each performance bodes something unique to behold.

Anamorph is: